The urban myth of Essex girls

October 8, 2007

  My experience concerning Essex girls was utterly demystified shortly after my long presence in the University of Essex. It was a common place to suggest that every girl which was born and living in the Essex Countywas a floosie. Being freshers, a promise of easy sex was more than intriguing and we would often find ourselves willing to sacrifice a lecture or a workshop in view of an imminent acquaintance.  I can’t even number the Thursday nights we used to spend in King’s club were we where supposed to meet all these promising young lassies. Instead of blossoming young girls, I can only remember a club packed with middle aged women on the verge of their menopause striving for a good grip of ass. Hence, the myth was no longer a myth as wrinkled old tarts voluntarily set themselves on youngsters fair hands with a sigh of relief whenever one would call them girls.

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